Thursday, May 30, 2024

Magazine Profile

Hort Journal Australia is a trade and industry journal for the nursery and garden industry and based on:

  • passion, commitment, experience, and genuine enthusiasm for horticulture in Australia
  • a truly national, industry-wide focus embracing all industry sectors
  • technical accuracy and credibility
  • a future focus reflecting industry leadership today for tomorrow
  • quality content and presentation – high production standards

Hort Journal Australia will promote and communicate with, within, and from Australia’s proud and professional horticulture industry, it will include reports on:

  • the industry’s retail and wholesale/production sectors
  • the vibrant and innovative landscaping sector
  • market styles and trends in plants, landscapes and business
  • horticultural research and development
  • people, products and services in the industry
  • education and training
  • allied industries – markets, suppliers and associates
  • the vital local government parks and gardens sector
  • technical issues including:- pests and diseases, plant nutrition, sustainable horticulture, environment/climate friendly plants – native and exotic, appropriate industry and product standards
  • greenhouses and production methods

…and more.

Hort Journal Australia will also report on National and State conferences, Next Gen, Trade Days, shows and expos.

All matters and issues that relate to, and affect, the horticultural industry will be covered. Every issue of Hort Journal Australia will include an industry-related feature or theme related directly to the industry.

Underlying Principles

Our Vision parallels that of the industry itself, namely:

“To support and encourage a viable and sustainable industry providing plants, gardens and landscapes to Australian individuals, organizations and communities.”

This will be achieved by producing media products and services that:

  • Promote and explain good business practice
  • Promote innovative plants, gardens and landscape ideas to industry
  • Facilitate awareness and use of relevant greenlife, products, services and technologies