A time for celebration

December is a time for celebrations in many ways. Some of us will be looking forward to a well-earned break, while others will be hoping for increased activity boosting sales in the lead-up to Christmas. We are all hoping for a near-normal summer season as COVID
restrictions wind back.… Continue reading

History is still being written

By John Fitzsimmons

What is horticulture versus agriculture say, or gardening? What is education – learning, imparting skills, absorbing knowledge, becoming scientific? The answers to such questions rest largely on who and what you are, and the time and place in history at the point of asking.Continue reading

Get the greatest green return on your next project

Society is placing a greater importance on greenspaces (Image: Michael Casey)

By Michael Casey

Today, more than ever, society is placing a greater importance on greenspaces and the integration of them in both private and public environments. To better understand the importance we place on these spaces, we need not look any further than the outpouring of emotion when public parklands and playgrounds were closed during lockdowns, or when we celebrated our own personal greenspaces in and around our homes while we worked and were educated from home.Continue reading

AIH recognises commitment and excellence

David Ting - Galston Water Garden (Image: David Ting)

By Michael Casey

Whilst 2021 may have been a difficult year, the Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) recognises the commitment, professionalism and excellence of those who have made a significant contribution to the horticultural industry.

This year we received a great number of nominations, with many coming from outside of our membership base which highlights to us the many projects going on around Australia and Singapore, that people feel should be acknowledged and recognised.… Continue reading

Preparing the future workforce

Heena tends the nursery stock

How important is it to have the right people on your team? You know, the people who not only know how to do their job but want to be part of the team and help you grow your business? 

Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA) has developed an awareness program for career options within the horticulture industry.… Continue reading

Guava – tropical or temperate?

Acca sellowiana (Image: Karen Smith)

By Clive Larkman

The word guava tends to lean toward tropical fruits along with pineapples, mangos and paw-paws but are they really tropical? They are usually grown in the tropics and when we visit a resort or restaurant in those regions, we can be sure to find them on the menu.Continue reading

Nuptial flights

Worker termites escort reproductives to their takeoff point

By Denis Crawford

The arrival of insects en masse can cause alarm, but as you will see an ‘invasion’ may not necessarily result in an infestation requiring management.

Just as our borders were reopening post-COVID, there were some arrival flights of a different kind in my region.… Continue reading