Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Proptec adds to its range

Following the successful commissioning of our new higher capacity production facility, new products and relationships have been established to keep Proptec at the forefront of propagation trends.

Drawing on the experience gained in Highsun, Proptec staff have assisted growers to select the appropriate propagation materials to get the best result for their circumstance, situation, and greenhouse facility.… Continue reading

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Enhance plant growth with air root-pruning

Maintaining the viability and health of plants while they are in the nursery is crucial for an efficient business. Root air-pruning has helped reduce losses resulting from circling roots and prevents plants from becoming pot-bound. Roots exposed to the air become desiccated, dying off as secondary roots develop.… Continue reading

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BARRICADE® pre-emergent herbicide delivering results in nurseries

With an extended label covering nursery weeds in potted plants, potting beds, garden beds under mulch, gravel paths and landscape settings, BARRICADE® herbicide is an ideal option for keeping your nursery free of weeds.

This industry-leading, pre-emergent herbicide, treats a broad range of nursery weeds and provides some of the longest periods of control in the industry, with up to four months’ control in potted plants and six months in plant beds.… Continue reading

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HydraFiber material closeup

HydraFiber® has arrived in Australia

A proven engineered substrate provides growers with a reliable, high-quality solution.

In the current climate of growing media supply, where ingredient sourcing and cost is becoming an issue, a new high-quality advanced substrate has become available from Profile® Products in America.… Continue reading

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