Saturday, July 20, 2024


Reintroducing Kaka beak plants in New Zealand gardens to save the native Kaka bird – Tim Park (Ecologist and Manager of Otari Native Botanic Gardens

In this episode, Tim Park, manager at  Ōtari Native Botanic Gardens, speaking about how reintroducing the kaka beak plant into gardens in Wellington has brought the native kaka bird back from the brink of extinction.

This is a story of the mutualistic relationship between a bird and a plant, and it demonstrates a number of principles that can be widely applied within ex situ and in situ conservation.… Continue reading

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Botany Bootcamp: Mixing exercise with plant appreciation – Dr Meg Hirst and Georgia Warren (RBGV) Sponsored by Hort Journal Australia

That’s exactly what we’re talking about in this episode with Dr Meg Hirst and Georgia Warren, who are running an exciting program at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria (RBGV) with participants from the public.

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Chemistry of eucalypts : Celebrating National Eucalypt DAy – Professor Ros Gledow (Eucalypt Australia, Monash University)

We’re celebrating #NationalEucalyptDay by discussing the chemistry of eucalypts and their oils with Professor Ros Gleadow, a board member for Eucalypt Australia and Professor of Plant Sciences at Monash University.

This is the second episode in our four-part eucalypt series – look forward to next week’s episode with Dean Nicolle about eucalypt mythbusting.… Continue reading

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Intro to Eucalypts: Celebrating #National Eucalypt Day -Linda Baird, CEO of Eucalypt Australia

All throughout March we’re dropping an episode every week to celebrate National Eucalypt Day with Eucalypt Australia!

We’re kicking this 4 part series off with an introduction to Eucalypts with Linda Baird, CEO of Eucalypt Australia. We had a wide-ranging chat covering topics such as their unique flower structures, their benefits for native wildlife, and the contended title for tallest flowering plant in the world.… Continue reading

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Collecting & managing data for long-term arboricultural & horticultural success – Theri Reichlin (Friend of the show and Urban Forester

Data may seem boring to the average gardener, but if you’ve been working with plants for long enough, you’ll have learnt the value of recording information (which is also known as data).

Whether you’re a pro working in domestic gardens, an urban forester who’s working with legacy trees, or even a home gardener looking for long-term success, you’ll find value in this episode.… Continue reading

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Attracting predator insects to control garden pests naturally – Dr Ian Smith (Entomologist, Ecologist, Friend of the show)

In this episode, Dr Ian Smith is back to teach us how to encourage predator insects into our gardens so we can keep pest numbers way down naturally.

As an entomologist and ecologist that’s worked extensively with farmers where the stakes are pretty high, he actually knows what he’s talking about so I hope you have your notepad and pen ready to take notes.… Continue reading

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