Spirit of the Garden

Author – Trisha Dixon

You know that feeling you get when on a bushwalk or a trek, the smell and sounds of the bush that makes you feel at one with nature. That sense of place! Renowned author and photographer Trisha Dixon captures this in her book Spirit of the Garden.… Continue reading


Plant Flammability & Planning for Fire

Author – Lesley Corbett

For those of you who may have been affected by bush fires or even live in an area where it’s a possibility you should read this book. It is excellent and easy to follow.… Continue reading

The Book of Australian Trees

Author: Inga Simpson

If you value, love and respect trees it makes sense that you will want to share those feelings with children. The Book of Australian Trees is an engaging book that discusses 15 iconic Aussie trees and explains the differences between them and the vital part they play in the earth’s ecosystems.… Continue reading