Australian Ecosystems

Australian Ecosystems established plant nursery located in Bangholme propagates over two million plants per year with over 800 different natives, indigenous and aquatic plant varieties.

Our provenance-listed plants are significant for use in biodiverse, wetland and habitat restoration projects, WSUD council projects and our native landscaping and PBR lines are popular with the general landscaping market.… Continue reading

Pest and Diseases

Denis Crawford is a legendary Australian entomologist, and in this episode he was generous enough to walk us through some of the biggest offenders with regards to insect pests. We discuss sucking, chewing, boring, leaf-mining and gall-producing pests as well as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the importance of biodiversity.… Continue reading

Trees as habitats

Dr John Martin manages the Hollows As Homes project with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, which is transitioning to the Wildlife Assist project in partnership with a range of organisations around Australia including Taronga Conservation Society. In this episode, we speak about the importance of tree hollows, why native miner birds are more ecologically destructive than introduced miner birds, and his best tips for building habitat in your backyard (which surprisingly don’t necessarily include habitat boxes or bee hotels).… Continue reading

Understanding Biosecurity: Jeanette Severs

Jeanette Severs is a journalist and writer that I am friends with on Twitter, Jeanette is a bit of a trailblazer in the agricultural journalism space. In this episode, she explains why biosecurity is so important, how Australia is well situated for defence against pests and diseases, and some of the outbreaks that have given us a good scare in the past.… Continue reading