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‘Lemon Glow’ will put on a show

By Paul Carmen

Label Name: Banksia spinulosa var. cunninghamii ‘Lemon Glow’

ACRA Registration: 43

Family: Proteaceae

Origin: Banksia ‘Lemon Glow’ is a pale-yellow flowered form of Banksia spinulosa var. cunninghamii first selected from a wild population on French Island, Victoria, by Mr A Salkin. The cultivar was first received by the Authority on 5 October 1982. Registration applied for by Mr A Salkin.

Characteristics: A dense shrub2-3m x 2m wide. The inflorescences are lemon yellow in colour. It was selected for flower colour as the styles are yellow rather than the more usual black. The flowering period is from April to May. In all other respects the cultivar is typical of the species.

Cultural Notes: B. spinulosa var. cunninghamii does vary in flower colour over its natural range. The specimen of the cultivar was sent to Dr Alex George of the Bureau of Flora and Fauna who stated… “It appears to be a unique colour variant in having yellow styles, although I have a record of golden orange styles on a collection from Mt Warning, NSW and deep cream styles on one from the Gibraltar Range, NSW.” The cultivar is moderately drought and frost hardy.

Propagation: Cuttings from semi-firm new growth.

Uses: Banksia spinulosa var. cunninghamii ‘Lemon Glow’ can be used in mass planting, in mixed shrubbery, or as a spectacular feature plant which attracts nectar-feeding birds.

Availability: Specialist native nurseries.

Paul Carmen

ACRA Registrar

Australian Cultivation

Registration Authority


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