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Ornamental in ochre

Label Name: Grevillea ‘Ochre Pokers’

ACRA Registration: 1258

Family: Proteaceae

Origin: Open pollination with one parent thought to be Grevillea ‘Canning Classic’. Applicant: Neil R Marriott, received November 2007.

Characteristics: A low spreading habit with huge showy flower racemes and soft once divided leaves. A moderately dense, spreading, grey-green, shrub, 0.3-1m x 0.8-1.5m.

Flowers: Perianth grey-orange; style and style-end brownish-orange, 20-22mm; conflorescence c 150 mm. Blooms from  October to January.

Distinguished from Grevillea ‘Canning Classic’ which is a far larger plant with yellow-orange flowers, longer leaves 10-15 cm long, and more numerous leaf lobes (11-17mm) with frequent secondary division of lower lobes, longer floral pedicels (10-12 mm) and a larger pollen-presenter.

Cultural Notes: An ornamental low shrub. Suitable for well drained soils. Best situated in a sunny site but will tolerate some shade. Frost resistant to -3°C. Makes a beautiful showy groundcover ideal for rockeries and built-up gardens.

Propagation: Cuttings from semi-firm new growth or grafting onto hardy rootstock.

Uses:  As part of a mass planting or mixed in with shrubbery, or as a spectacular feature plant. Attracts nectar-feeding birds.

Availability: Specialist native plant nurseries

Paul Carmen

ACRA Registrar

Australian Cultivation

Registration Authority


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