Thursday, June 13, 2024

Raising Rarity: Cultivating at-risk native plants with the RBGV – Dr Megan Hirst & Mathew Henderson (sponsored by Hort Journal Australia)_

We have some stunning native flora in Victoria, as well as around the rest of Australia, and many of the most beautiful plants you can imagine are at-risk or endangered. What if we brought some of those plants into cultivation in order to preserve them?

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (RBGV) is doing just that with their Raising Rarity program, and in this episode, Karen Smith, editor for our sponsor Hort Journal Australia, interviews 2 gardeners from the Botanic Gardens, Dr Megan Hirst and Matthew Henderson, about this fantastic initiative.

Meg and Matt wrote an article for the Journal, along with a previous guest Russel Larke, called “Raising Rarity: A community approach to plant conservation”, which is linked below. Make sure you subscribe to Hort Journal Australia so you receive a physical copy of the magazine every month