Saturday, June 15, 2024

Proptec adds to its range

Following the successful commissioning of our new higher capacity production facility, new products and relationships have been established to keep Proptec at the forefront of propagation trends.

Drawing on the experience gained in Highsun, Proptec staff have assisted growers to select the appropriate propagation materials to get the best result for their circumstance, situation, and greenhouse facility.

Their approach to gaining an understanding of customers’ needs allows them to successfully suggest suitable products, and this engagement has resulted in the addition of the Pioneer range of propagation pots and trays.

The Pioneer Pot rangecomplements their Ellepots and works by creating a root zone high in oxygen and airflow which delivers an outstanding root structure with no root girdling. This feature alone is very important for the landscape industry serving public authorities and councils. Tree stability in public places is a prime concern for councils, one in which finishing trees in the Pioneer pots addresses entirely. Proptec now offers the complete solution by starting trees in small Ellepots, then stepping up into our Jumbo Ellepots for shrubs and young trees, then finally finishing advanced trees in pots ranging in size from 4L to 45L net.

Pioneer Pots are best suited to growers wishing to utilise bark-based media. The propagation pots come in 32 cell and 64 cell configurations with larger pots for tree production.

Another new introduction, added to their coir range, is Woodpeat – a 50:50 combination of Woodfibre and RHP coir pith. Woodpeat has been developed in Europe, as a peat moss substrate. Proptec is developing new Topmix substrates, for use in Ellepots, specialist flowering crops, and fruit and nut tree production.

Woodfibre has unique physical properties resulting in increased “air filled porosities” while maintaining water holding capacity. Woodpeat is available compressed in 5kg blocks or expanded in bulk bags. For further information contact Proptec – Sales: 

Michael Doensen: Mobile 0400 737 783 Vic, Tas, SA, WA

Ron Sheldrick: Mobile 0419 843 885 NSW, QLD, NT.

Office T: 07 3177 1700


For Pioneer Pots range:  (our supplier)

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