Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Nursery Papers: Making the most of precious water resources ‘making every drop count’

BACKGROUND: In the recent Greenlife Market Analysis Report, water security was rated as one of the top four (4) industry issues. This is not a surprise as access to and water use efficiency are always top of mind for nursery business owners and managers. This nursery paper highlight again the importance of water security to a nursery business and to ‘make every drop count’.

The industry has experienced the impacts of drought and with the uncertainty of climate change it is likely that drought will remain a threat to the industry’s future prosperity and even viability. It is also likely that the cost of water will increase and pressures upon the responsible use and stewardship will become more stringent. Consistent and adequate
water supply is critical for production nurseries. But, while water is crucial to keep those budding plants thriving, there are ways you can minimise wastage.

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