Nursery Papers November 2021, Accelerating uptake and removing barriers to green roofs in Australia

Background: Rapidly growing urban populations, increasingly hot cities and the need for green space and access to nature are key reasons for integrating more green infrastructure into cities. Green roofs provide environmental benefits and greener developments can enhance human well-being and productivity, and increase the rental and resale value of properties compared to traditional grey infrastructure.Continue reading

Nursery Papers – Preparing for exotic pest incursions

In Australia, should Lycorma delicatula (spotted lanternfly) invade, it is expected to threaten nursery, fruit, landscape and hardwood industries.

Its ability to ‘hitchhike’ due to non-discriminatory egg laying behaviour means that imported containers and their contents including, vehicles, machinery, equipment, nursery stock, fresh produce, cut flowers, foliage, forest products and passenger luggage are risk pathways into Australia.… Continue reading

Nursery Papers: Greenlife Market Analysis Report

The greenlife industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, employing thousands of Australians and contributing
to healthy people, homes, urban spaces, and the natural environment.

To support strategic decision-making for the industry, the Greenlife Market Analysis Report was developed by ACIL Allen as part of the Nursery Industry Statistics Project 2019-20 (NY17008).… Continue reading