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Lavinnova ‘The Princess’ PMA

Plant discoveries – from concept to consumer

By Plant Management Australia

Plants Management Australia (PMA), established in 1992, is a plant management, distribution and marketing business representing independent plant breeders in Australia and globally, where new plant varieties are protected and introduced across the globe. At PMA, they guide plant breeders through the entire process from initiating intellectual property protection (PBR), right through to trialling, growing, distribution and marketing of each new plant.

The journey doesn’t just start with the plant as there are many great stories behind the breeders themselves. It is thanks to these passionate plant enthusiasts, collectors, horticulturists and breeders, that new discoveries and genetics of plants are identified and created. We are devoted to sharing those breeders’ stories, along with the plant, and building lasting relationships. Often these stories are shared through the ‘Meet the Breeder’ documents that are published throughout the branding of a new plant coming to market.

Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’
Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’ PMA

So, what makes a plant successful throughout the selection process and for the Australian market? Excellent garden performance and reliability are number one on the list.

New plants, both native and exotic, are trialled around the country in various environments to test for tolerances and performance. This often includes heat, dry, cold, frost, disease and pest resistance, and soil types. PMA-managed plants are trialled as far as Darwin in the north, to the southern areas of the country, such as Hobart. By trialling upcoming plants in as many different climates and situations as possible, means the information gathered will be the most accurate and reliable for gardeners around Australia. 

Once a plant has passed the trialling stage, the brand identity is created. Every plant that we manage is treated as an individual and given its own brand design. The plant branding is established across labels, fact sheets, social media, digital mediums, signage and printed advertising. Our biggest success stories might be some that you already know. To name just a few of our brands, Acacia ‘Limelight’, Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’, Nandina Magical Lemon Lime® ‘Lemlim’, Lavinnova® Lavenders, the Dianthus Scent First collection, and the Dreameria® collection of Armeria with Dreameria® ‘Dreamland’ being awarded second place at this year’s RHS Plant of the Year Award at the Chelsea Flower and Garden Show.


Great branding isn’t the only significant contribution to a plant’s success. Photography is an important factor and with an in-house photographer, we aim to capture dreamy, lifestyle-inspiration shots, and macros to magazine-ready images. Photography is one of our biggest investments, along with many other elements when bringing a plant to market, and we dedicate a lot of time to our photography. As one image can tell a thousand stories, the photography process starts very early, with photos being captured as soon as a plant has undergone trials. We capture new photographs every season for new and pre-existing lines. This way, we are constantly adding to each plant’s portfolio. All new imagery and marketing content is added to our Support Centre for our partners to utilise. 

Plants Management Australia’s Support Centre is a one-stop marketing trade login for retailers, breeders, landscapers and designers, where all their marketing collateral and high-resolution images are free to use. 

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