Saturday, June 15, 2024
Editors editorial

Recognition and thanks

Being recognised for your work by receiving an award is such an honour and I am extremely proud to be sharing this wonderful news with you all. Three of our regular contributors have received awards since our last issue was printed.

I recently attended a conference organised by the Australian Institute of Horticulture followed by their awards dinner. You will be able to read more about this as you turn the pages…. oh hang on, I am so excited, I need to spill the beans now!

Our very talented Denis Crawford, who has written for us since our very first issue in July 2008, is an absolute entomological expert. Denis is a published author. His book Garden Pests, Diseases & Good Bugs is a must-have on any horticulturist’s bookshelf. Denis is also a scientific photographer and has a blog called One Minute Bugs where he regularly posts YouTube videos. It was a pleasure to see Denis receive the Award of Merit.

The second talented contributor to Hort Journal, a person who participates in so many organisations, both in Australia and overseas, won the Silver Gum Award for his contribution and promotion to the Australian Horticultural Industry. It has been said if you want a job done, ask a busy person This guy takes that to a new level. His commitment and knowledge of our broader industry is limitless. A big Congratulations to Michael Casey!

After working in various countries around the world, the next award winner decided to put his actions into words and recently published a book called Off the Garden Path, Green Wonders of the World. He regularly writes for Hort Journal on behalf of the International Plant Propagators Society. He is a lecturer in horticulture and also involved in many organisations. I was not surprised to see this man receive the Horticulturist of the Year award. Well done, Dan Austin!

If I am starting to sound like the proud mother at the high school awards night, I do not apologise. It’s called bragging rights, and it’s an honour to collaborate with these people. It is a big commitment to get work in on time when you have other jobs to do and these guys never fail to deliver.

Speaking of busy people, Clive Larkman deserves a special mention as he has also written for the journal since the first issue, and at times, I know he has been so snowed under but never misses. Thank you Clive.

That’s not to say that our other contributors do not deserve recognition, and I would like to formally recognise the effort all of our contributors make to meet our deadlines, and at the same time run their own businesses, without your contributions we would not have a magazine. What a talented team you are. Thank you.

I realise that for many of our readers, you are living in areas that have been devastated by floods and disaster. We hope you receive lots of support as we head into the festive season. We can all lend a hand of support to someone.

Finally, we wish you all the very best for a fabulous Christmas, and we hope 2023 is kinder with the weather and we can get back to business as usual.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas.

Karen Smith and your Hort Journal Team 

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