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Bird loving ‘Honey Pots’

By Paul Carmen

Label Name: Banksia spinulosa

ACRA Registration: 1337

Family: Proteaceae

Origin: Collected from a coastal area in southern Victoria. Selected by Rod & Robyn Parsons for the strong honey fragrance of the flowers. Received in June 1999.

Characteristics: A moderately dense small shrub that grows to 1m(h) x 1.5m(w), The flowers are golden in colour with red styles, 50-200mm long x 40-80mm in diameter and bloom from  March to  August.

Cultural Notes: Banksia spinulosa ‘Honey Pots’ grow best in sandy, free draining, slightly acidic soil with low nutrient levels and are frost hardy.

Propagation: Cuttings from semi-firm new growth

Uses:  Banksia spinulosa ‘Honey Pots’  can be used in a mass planting,  mixed with other shrubbery or grown as a feature plant. Nectar feeding birds are most attracted to this plant.

Availability: Retial Nurseries

Paul Carmen

ACRA Registrar

Australian Cultivation

Registration Authority


Main photo: Birds will love this little pot of honey

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