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Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia ‘SAB01’ PBR
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Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia ‘SAB01’ PBR: Resilience meets beauty

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Australia’s native flora with the Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia spinescens, a low-growing, compact shrub with fine blue foliage.

Found throughout mainland Australia, Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia has adapted to both inland and coastal situations, demonstrating its versatility. Its striking blue foliage makes it a stunning ground cover option, whether your design calls for a manicured look or a more natural appearance. While pruning annually enhances its performance, it can also thrive on roadsides with less frequent or no pruning at all. For retail nursery growers, it needs pruning a month or two after tube transplant into pots to look its best.

Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia’s resilience is remarkable. It is highly drought-tolerant, making it suitable for areas with low or high rainfall alike. It can withstand frost at least down to -5°C and probably colder, a testament to its hardiness.

The plant’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable. Its blue foliage shines in mass plantings, but it also stands out as a garden specimen plant. At a much lower height compared to the common form, it provides a unique visual interest to any landscape.

Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia is not only beautiful but also practical. It tolerates heavy soils and sandy loam soils well, and is ideal for various landscapes, including roadsides, slopes, commercial and residential areas.

Main photo: Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia ‘SAB01’ PBR

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