Thursday, February 29, 2024
A winged fire ant queen preparing to fly to her mate and begin a new colony. Photo by Johnny N. Dell, BugwoodWiki
Nursery Papers

Nursery Papers – Watch out for red imported fire ands

Summary: The red imported fire ant eradication program has been tackling Queensland’s fire ant infestation since 2001, but recent reports show infestation areas have grown from 40,000 hectares to more than 750,000 hectares over the past 22 years.

Of Australia’s invasive ant species, fire ants pose the most serious threat to our biosecurity status because they move and colonise quickly, and have significant environmental, social and economic impacts.

The current Fire Ant Response Plan 2023-27 aims to tackle the fire ant infestation in Queensland. However, there are other invasive ant species you should also look out for to prevent and manage infestations.

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