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Quick Zest™ Argyranthemum 'ARGY 202' (Image: Ozbreed)
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Argyranthemum flowers for a sunburnt country

By Daniel Fuller

Are you on the hunt for new sources of colour in your landscapes, but are afraid of experimenting with un-tested plants that look good on day one, or which often fail to establish or perform poorly within the landscape?

Argyranthemum, or Marguerite daisies, are beautiful daisy-like plants native to the Mediterranean climate of the Canary Islands. They should be more popular in Australia because their visual impact is spectacular as either a mounding ground cover, border plant or mass planting choice. However, a few common problems have prevented them from being specified in landscape designs around the country, and as a result of that, from being grown in nurseries.

Common issues with argyranthemum include bud drying, wilting, and fungal issues, especially in tropical and sub-tropical climates. They tend to be very weedy, especially when propagated by seed.

Fortunately, Ozbreed has solved these issues and bred three cultivars specifically for Australian conditions, where we experience dry heat or humidity, as well as periodic drought. We also want to prevent fertile seeds spreading to other parts of the garden, or into the natural environment.

The three cultivars we’re about to explore share common traits that include minimal care requirements, quick growth, and resilience to the climates of Qld, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA & WA. They are heat-tough, pest-resistant, and respond well to pruning, ensuring they maintain their beauty with low upkeep. They are best planted in late winter, spring, or autumn.

These argyranthemums thrive in full sun to part shade, making them versatile additions to a wide range of garden designs.

Moon Zest™ Argyranthemum 'ARGY 213' (Image: Ozbreed)
Moon Zest™ Argyranthemum ‘ARGY 213’ (Image: Ozbreed)

Quick Zest™ Argyranthemum ‘ARGY 202’ stands out for its particularly rapid growth which establishes in a hurry with high success. It also grows wide, saving money with wider spacing for plants at 1 to 2 plants per square metre. Its mature size is 75 cm high x 85 cm wide, and as well as being heat-tolerant, it also displays mild frost tolerance.

Moon Zest™ Argyranthemum ‘ARGY 213’ displays tidy foliage and abundant double white flowers, which add a serene and elegant touch to garden borders and landscapes. It has an orderly and clean growth pattern, establishes easily, and is easy for growers to propagate and keep alive. Plant 1to 3 plants per m². It has a mature size of 60 cm high x 65 cm wide.

Sun Zest™ Argyranthemum 'ARGY 215' PBR (Image: Ozbreed)
Sun Zest™ Argyranthemum ‘ARGY 215’ PBR (Image: Ozbreed)

Sun Zest™ Argyranthemum ‘ARGY 215’ PBR Intended, boasts an abundance of clean, double yellow flowers that brighten any garden. Its dense, compact, orderly growth, and clean, lush green foliage is highly appealing and its smaller size sets it apart from other varieties. Plant 1 to 3 plants per m². It has a mature size of 50 cm high x 55 cm wide.

. The introduction of specially bred flowers like these argyranthemum varieties opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing public and private spaces with vibrant colours and textures, without the constant battle against the elements that has previously deterred such endeavours.

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