(Mary Mary quite contrary…) How do your fruit trees grow?

By John Fitzsimmons

Depending on your age and experience, the ways you perceive how fruit is grown could be extremely different. Today’s commercial orchards are radically different spaces to nostalgic visions of broad canopies of vase-pruned trees, modest fruit yields and long-term expectations, yet there are many contemporary commercial trends that could be applied to advantage in modern landscapes involving edibles, even in small spaces.Continue reading

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Fruit and nut trees offer a variety of landscape solutions

By Janet Hodgkiss

Gardens that include productive fruiting trees and plants are often thought of as ‘unattractive’ but this need not be so as many of these plants have other valuable characteristics and attributes that are often overlooked

A productive, as well as ornamental, design is very achievable with the many varieties, sizes and shapes of all types of fruiting plants that are on offer.… Continue reading

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