Thursday, May 30, 2024
Greener Spaces Better Places Update

What’s Growing on?


Welcome to this month’s Greener Spaces Better Places program update. Read on to find out the latest news and highlights to keep you up to date on what’s happening and how you can benefit.

Greener Spaces Better Places designed an urban forest communications toolkit in collaboration with Living Melbourne stakeholders and partners. The toolkit equips communities with valuable resources to boost awareness and support for urban forestry through consistent messaging and engaging educational content.

Included in the toolkit are:

  1. A narrative guide providing tips and key messages for effective communication on urban greening topics.

2. A statistics deck with essential facts and figures on urban greening, along with source references

3. Social media tiles featuring eye catching graphics and captions to promote urban greening on social platforms.

The messages are crafted to emphasise the advantages of urban greening and clear up any misunderstandings or worries about supporting it.

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