Raising Rarity: A community approach to plant conservation

By Dr Megan Hirst, Russell Larke and Matthew Henderson

Raising Rarity aims to increase public knowledge and awareness of rare plants and plant communities throughout Victoria. The project uses an innovative approach to save rare and threatened flora by assessing the horticultural potential of rare species, introducing these species into cultivation, providing an opportunity for home gardeners to grow these plants at home, and contribute to the ongoing conservation of these species.Continue reading

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Giving new life to some of WA’s most endangered flora

By David Lullfitz

National Threatened Species Day is held in September each year and provides a fantastic opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of protecting some of our nation’s rarest flora. This year, Plantrite used the day to launch a new initiative which will encourage Western Australians to roll up their sleeves and play a hands-on role in the conservation of endangered plant species.Continue reading

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