Thursday, February 29, 2024

Advanced TRees

General guidelines for successful tree planting: (a) 75mm watering basin around the trunk, (b) 75mm of mulch, clear of the trunk and beyond the edge of the hole overlapping the undisturbed soil, (c) backfill with site soil (based on Craul 1992, drawn by K. Smith, Metropolitan Trees Handbook, 2003
Advanced TRees

Giving trees their best start: It’s worth it

By John Fitzsimmons

The benefits of trees in our landscapes and streetscapes are many, widely published, and should be widely recognised and accepted. Monetary valuations of mature urban trees (2022 estimated values) can range up to $220,000 each, and annual maintenance costs, depending on management programs, can be $150/year or more for decades of benefit.Continue reading

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