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Plant Flammability & Planning for Fire

Author – Lesley Corbett

For those of you who may have been affected by bush fires or even live in an area where it’s a possibility you should read this book. It is excellent and easy to follow. The author, Lesley Corbett says the intention of the books is to provide an overview of fact-based information about plant flammability and related matters. She has bought together scientific research and data from experts in the field. To help us make wise and informed decisions about how to garden more safely in fire prone areas The flammability of individual plants is only one aspect of gardening in fire-prone areas. Good design and ongoing maintenance are also critical (this is outlined in chapter 4. The book includes an excellent Plant Flammability table with a key. I can see that Lesley has put such a lot of work into this book and I think all landscape designers should include a copy as a reference. Having said that it’s a good read for everyone as our climate warms and bushfires are more frequent and more destructive.

The book is broken up into four parts. An introduction -The Big Picture – Individual plants and the Science:

Publishers’ info:

Readers can look up a plant in the Plant Flammability Table to get an idea of its flammability then turn to the A–Z for more detailed information.

The book contains advice about ways to create a more firesafe garden, including the need to carefully manage the use of mulch and hedges.

This is citizen science, written by a gardener for other gardeners. Complex and potentially confusing science are made comprehensible and usable, to help you make your garden and hence your house safer.

  • Science-based information about a plant’s flammability, invasiveness and particular needs
  • Reliable guide for people living in fire prone areas
  • Over 500 plants assessed
  • Fire research from around the world

Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback

Released: April 2021

ISBN: 978-1-922454-60-7