Saturday, June 15, 2024


Martin Stolze Sorting System identifying, grading and sorting plants (Image supplied by Transplant Systems)

AI, Automation, Greenhouses

Robotics leading innovation in nurseries

In a bold move towards technological advancement, Martin Stolze has officially announced its Robotics department, marking a significant stride in the realm of automated solutions.

Building on the collaborative synergy with Crux Agribotics, Martin Stolze’s sister company, the Robotics department is already fortified with knowledge and experience in the field.… Continue reading

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The system allows ingress of irrigation water to growing media and includes a clip system to prevent wind dislodgement and loss (Image: DeeWeed)

Pot developments top and bottom

By John Fitzsimmons

Advances in tools and processes don’t always have to be as radical as reinventing the wheel. Sometimes just building a better mousetrap serves us well. In our production nurseries the plastic pot is ubiquitous, but some simple smart thinking, especially in the detail, is also delivering benefits.Continue reading

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Horticulture and GLP lead Matt Burley training graduates Jake and Lauren in Toowoomba

Kalyx expands into new regions, increasing research capacity

For over two decades, Kalyx has been the go-to company for independent agricultural research in Australia due to their national presence and operational excellence. Over that time, they have helped their clients bring hundreds of new crop varieties, pesticides, fertilisers and other such technologies to Australian farmers.… Continue reading

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