Investments with impact – Hort Innovation update

By Horticulture Innovation Australian

In this article we take a quick look at some of the activities and investments underway at Hort Innovation, including the Australian-Grown Sustainability Framework, a new project to explore almond orchard recycling and the release of Strategic Investment Plan 2017-2021 performance reports.Continue reading

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Nursery & Garden Industry Western Australia state report

Matthew Lunn – EO Nursery & Garden Industry Western Australia (NGIWA)

Tackling water issues through advocacy

With the on-going pressure from WA’s State Government for nurseries to reduce their use of water and improve their efficiency, NGIWA has been proactive in the past few months in pushing the government back and promoting the advances many nurseries have made in their water management.… Continue reading

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Horticultural trials show positive ways forward post-COVID19

By John Fitzsimmons

At the end of one of the most challenging and chequered years in memory, NGIV (Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria) and top breeders and growers proudly presented the 2020 Australian Horticultural Trials. The event provided industry with an ‘umbrella-brand’ to showcase innovations in container and bedding plants plus indoor and outdoor plants, complemented by opportunities for promotional and networking opportunities for the trade.Continue reading

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