Great timing for Landscaping Show

Report by John Fitzsimmons –

Given the challenges of the last two years, organisations like Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers (LVML) must have been sweating on ultimately delivering The Landscape Show 2021 at Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne recently. As it happened though, all organisers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees fortuitously found a window ahead of the (yet another) COVID-19 lockdown and some extreme winter weather events.Continue reading

Closer focus on the macro view Part II

By John Fitzsimmons –

Last issue painted the big landscape picture from the 2021 Australian Landscape Conference, leaving several rich understoreys of ideas to be conveyed in this report.

Several topics could be grouped under the subject of ‘plant selection’ and issues like using the words ‘management’ or ‘care’ in design submissions, instead of ‘maintenance’ with its connotations of a cost to be minimised rather than an investment in the ultimate health, value, benefit, utility, longevity and success of the gardens designed and implemented.… Continue reading

Be alive with colour!

City of Sydney’s ‘Living Colour’ streetscapes

At the time of writing most of us are still living under the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, positive messages are getting through. Many are hoping and planning for an improving trend heading to year’s end. It’s therefore also understandable that such positivity is reflected in lightness, brightness and colour.Continue reading

Adaptability of landscapes – A conference with a macro view Part I

By John Fitzsimmons –

Since 1989 The Australian Landscape Conference has sought to inspire, provoke thought and discussion, and take the art and practise of landscaping to amazing places, wherever or whatever they may be. Through a pandemic and a change of ownership, the biennial-ish event recently re-emerged in Melbourne, generating a positive response in-person and online from upwards of 700 participants around the world, and presentations from Japan, Sweden, the UK and USA and, of course, Australia.Continue reading

Horticultural trials show positive ways forward post-COVID19

By John Fitzsimmons

At the end of one of the most challenging and chequered years in memory, NGIV (Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria) and top breeders and growers proudly presented the 2020 Australian Horticultural Trials. The event provided industry with an ‘umbrella-brand’ to showcase innovations in container and bedding plants plus indoor and outdoor plants, complemented by opportunities for promotional and networking opportunities for the trade.Continue reading