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Nursery Papers (September 2021): Nursery tree stock inspection and verification producedure

BACKGROUND: Growers of good quality nursery tree stock recognise the importance of each step in the production process and how each step influences and impacts physiological structure, plant health and establishment. The NIASA Nursery Tree Stock Specification outlines the relevant criteria for nursery tree stock production. To implement these specifications, production nurseries should have internal processes and training in place that allows implementation and the demonstration of industry best practice. This nursery paper is intended as a guide for production nurseries implementing internal inspection and verification procedures for the production of nursery tree stock.

• Tree Stock Inspection Procedures assist production nurseries by establishing and maintaining nursery industry best practice
• Procedures ensure stock can be graded accurately, with reduced waste and therefore greater profitability
• The procedures outlined can be used to demonstrate to clients the implementation of rigorous production processes
• This nursery paper outlines the key steps to implementing inspection procedures and can be adopted by any production nursery.

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