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Label Name: Grevillea ‘Wendy Sunshine’ 

ACRA 1265 (registered Nov 2010)

Family: Proteaceae

Origin: An open-pollinated hybrid between Grevillea bipinnatifida (Chittering Valley) x Grevillea thyrsoides ssp. pustulata. Applicant Name: Neil R Marriott

Characteristics: A grey/green, low-growing, dense shrub 0.3-0.5m (h) x 1-1.5m (w). Flowers are pink/red in colour to 46mm long with a conflorescence to 170mm long from July-January. Distinguished from G. bipinnatifida by its finely divided foliage and its pink/red hairy flowers on long stems beyond the foliage. Distinguished from G. thyrsoides by its larger, coarser and greener leaves and its larger flowers. Comparators: G bipinnatifida, G. thyrsoides

Cultivation: This plant has been in cultivation since 2003 and has proved to be high in both drought and frost hardiness. It has been tested in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, and in many regional areas between the capitals.

 Propagation: Cuttings from semi-firm new growth. Grafts well onto Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta) and it’s often used as a showy, long-flowering standard.

Uses: As a groundcover suitable for mass planting or it can be mixed in with shrubbery. Grevillea ‘Wendy Sunshine’ can be used as a spectacular feature plant and at the same time for attracting nectar-feeding birds.

 Availability: Specialist native plant nurseries

Paul Carmen

ACRA Registrar

Australian Cultivation Registration Authority


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