Monday, July 22, 2024
Beautiful bird-attracting flowers
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Dream plant you have been searching for

Syzygium ‘Up and Away’ is the dream plant you have been searching for. With an unrivalled neat, columnar habit, and stunning foliage colour year-round, what more is there to be desired? White flowers are borne throughout the warmer months. Flowers are pollinator-friendly, attracting some of our beautiful native birds. Red-copper new growth turns to deep shades of green. This stunning new native tree is a great garden performer that can be easily grown in different climates and soil conditions.

Neat, columnar habit
Neat, columnar habit

This plant has low water requirements and can tolerate dry conditions and frost once established. Occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat will benefit the plant. Syzygium ‘Up & Away’ is also well suited to growing in moist soil, rich in organic matter with good drainage. It can be pruned to a desired shape and size; however, pruning is rarely required due to the natural columnar habit: 3-5m H x 1-2m W.

Uses: It is perfect for narrow spaces, small gardens and general landscaping. It is great for screening and hedging, a perfect specimen for topiary designs. All year-round decorative foliage makes this plant a winner. It is also suited to native or coastal garden designs

Main photo: Beautiful bird-attracting flowers

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