Saturday, June 15, 2024
Plant Palette

‘Living fossil’ from Gondwana

Sure to turn heads with its striking foliage and eye-catching narrow growth habit, Ginkgo ‘Lemonlime Spire’ is the perfect addition to any garden or landscape design.

Famous for its foliage colour throughout the year, ‘Lemonlime Spire’ won’t disappoint. Its light-green spring foliage deepens to darker shades of green as the season progresses. In autumn, vivid golden displays create a dramatic burst of colour that light up and dominate any space. 

Ginkgo ‘Lemonlime Spire’ is also incredibly versatile and easy to care for. Its columnar growth habit makes it an ideal choice for smaller gardens or urban landscapes, where space is at a premium. It can be enjoyed in patio areas grown in larger containers, or for the ‘wow’ factor they look stunning planted as an avenue tree. It is drought tolerant once established, and resistant to pests and diseases. This lovely tree will also tolerate a wide range of soil types, making it a low maintenance option for any gardener. With a strong vertical growth habit (5m H x 1m W) and a delicately creased leaf, this Maidenhair Tree is perfect for courtyard gardens, containers and stylish landscapes. The columnar form is well suited to formal garden styles but is equally at home in a mixed planting where it provides a contrasting vertical accent, and rich glowing lemon-yellow autumn colour. It is pollution tolerant and suited to street and roadside plantings, tight settings, and is also popular as a bonsai specimen. It has low to medium water requirements once established, and is best planted in a position sheltered from severe north-westerly sun and hot dry winds. It will perform best in temperate climates with cool to cold winters. Fertilise in late winter and mid-summer for optimum results.

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