Saturday, June 15, 2024
Rustic™ Poa
Plant Palette

Unleash the beauty of rustic brown foliage – Rustic™ Poa spp.‘POL11’ PBR

Visualise a garden where emerald green is gracefully punctuated by hues of summer rustic brown, where the sun’s rays illuminate the landscape creating a warm, vibrant glow that transforms your outdoor space into a stunning visual masterpiece.

Rustic™ Poa is a breed of ornamental grass that seasonally possesses an enchanting brown hue, a distinctive visual attribute obtained through a natural process called senescence which generally occurs in the dryer months. As its cooler green growing season concludes, which occurs more quickly in Rustic™ Poa, in heat and dry the chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down, revealing the hidden pigments of brown. This change is not a sign of decay, but rather an evolution into a new phase of life, and one that brings with it a unique aesthetic appeal. The ultra-compact Rustic™ Poa is great for line-of-sight landscapes, and possesses a superior toughness making it ideal for mass planting.

Rustic™ Poa thrives in frosty, drought-prone areas with minor humidity, like Sydney, and performs exceptionally well in southern parts of Australia. It’s also adaptable to most soil types, enhancing its utility in various landscaping scenarios. search Rustic.

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