Thursday, May 30, 2024
Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra (Image: Ozbreed)
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Low-growing marvels: compact plants with high impact

Could the two best low-growing Lomandra of all time be Evergreen Baby™ and Pacific Sky™? These low-growing Lomandra are a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and resilience. Evergreen Baby™ captivates with its year-round green allure, while Pacific Sky™ fascinates with its unique weeping blue foliage. Both are beautiful and highly reliable.

Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra ‘LM600’ PBR

Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra has proven itself to be a ground-breaking innovation in plant breeding. Its resilience, reliability, growth habit, and aesthetic appeal have set new standards for nursery growers and landscape gardeners. This compact plant not only stands out for its robustness but also for its beauty in a pot, as a garden border, low-growing mass planting, or as a textural contrast plant due to height and colour tones.

Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra, reaching up to 45cm in height, features fine, evergreen foliage that stays attractive year-round. It stays deep green if fertilised or planted in good soils, or it can turn a delightful lime gold in poor soils without fertiliser. It provides depth and structure to landscapes without overwhelming them, making it an ideal choice for those seeking space-efficient, low-maintenance, and easy-care greenery.

Its adaptability is its most impressive trait. Working almost all over Australia, whether your region experiences drought or wet conditions, cold or humidity, Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra thrives, having been specifically bred to withstand these conditions. Recent research showed it did well in wet bio-retention swales.

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