History is still being written

By John Fitzsimmons

What is horticulture versus agriculture say, or gardening? What is education – learning, imparting skills, absorbing knowledge, becoming scientific? The answers to such questions rest largely on who and what you are, and the time and place in history at the point of asking.Continue reading

Preparing the future workforce

Heena tends the nursery stock

How important is it to have the right people on your team? You know, the people who not only know how to do their job but want to be part of the team and help you grow your business? 

Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA) has developed an awareness program for career options within the horticulture industry.… Continue reading

Horticulture in education

Conceptualising horticulture in education as a subject, tool, context and benefit. (Image: Kate Neale)

By Michael Casey and Dr Kate Neale

Horticulture has had a long history as a subject in education across all cohorts in one form or another. Watching seeds sprout and grow to seedlings has always been a popular activity within the early years of education.Continue reading

Involving children in the design and planning of greenspaces

By Dr Kate Neale and Michael Casey

Schools are increasingly recognising that greenspaces provide students with important access to nature, wellbeing, shelter, places of retreat, integrated learning contexts and aesthetic appeal. As such, schools are increasingly engaging with landscape professionals who consult with principals, P&C committees and educators to establish the vision for a space, needs of the cohort and practical design elements.Continue reading