Nursery & Garden Industry Western Australia (NGIWA) update

Tackling water issues through advocacy

By Matthew Lunn – EO

With the ongoing pressure from WA’s State Government for nurseries to reduce their use of water and improve their efficiency, NGIWA has been proactive in the past few months in pushing the government back and promoting the advances many nurseries have made in their water management.… Continue reading

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Greenlife Industry Australia update

By Joanna Cave – Chief Executive Officer

I am delighted to introduce myself to Hort Journal readers. Before joining GIA, I was for 25 years CEO of various peak bodies and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and then Australia. Along the way, I qualified first as a horticulturist and then as a landscape designer, initially in pursuit of a private passion that swiftly became part of my professional life as I found myself working in Australian horticulture.… Continue reading

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Young horticulturist awarded for positive promotion of industry

By Patrick Regnault

The Australian Institute of Horticulture “Student of the Year 2021” was awarded to Lucy McClymont in recognition of her studies and efforts in raising awareness of the importance of horticulture in today’s world.

Lucy, originally from Orange and now living and working in Lismore in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, is 34 years old and a true plant person.… Continue reading

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AIH recognises commitment and excellence

By Michael Casey

Whilst 2021 may have been a difficult year, the Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) recognises the commitment, professionalism and excellence of those who have made a significant contribution to the horticultural industry.

This year we received a great number of nominations, with many coming from outside of our membership base which highlights to us the many projects going on around Australia and Singapore, that people feel should be acknowledged and recognised.… Continue reading

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