Post-COVID: A Green Star on the horizon for interior plantscapes

Green Star ratings provide opportunities for interior plantscapers

By Gabrielle Stannus

With the recent spate of COVID-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders coming to an end, employers are seeking to attract their staff back to the workplace. Johan Hodgson from Ambius Australia says that the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating tool, provides a useful selling point for interior plantscapers seeking to communicate the benefits of indoor plants to developers, architects and other businesses.Continue reading

Bush tucker grows up

Viola flowers make beautiful garnishes. Seen here: Viola hederacea (Image: Yerrabingin)

By Gabrielle Stannus

A recent conversation with Christian Hampson from Yerrabingin got me thinking about the challenges and opportunities associated with growing edible species, including bush tucker, in inner-city buildings.

Christian Hampson, a Woiwurrung and Maneroo man, is co-founder of Yerrabingin, a design practice interweaving collaborative design thinking and indigenous knowledge.… Continue reading

Planting from the inside out

Maidenhair Ferns (Adiantum sp.) in the green wall softens the built environment as their delicate fronds help to reflect light

By Gabrielle Stannus

Interior plantscapers, fortunate enough to also design and construct exterior landscapes, are in an excellent position to fuse architectural and landscape space, ensuring the benefits of nature are extended to building occupants both inside and outside.

In 2017, Evergreen Infrastructure were commissioned to work alongside a school and their design team to design a new study hall for Catholic Regional College in Sydenham, in Melbourne’s western suburbs.… Continue reading

Advancing the use of trees indoors

Maintenance action on the Emporium Hotel’s rooftop, 21 levels above ground

By Gabrielle Stannus

Thinking about planting a tree indoors? I spoke with Chay King, Director of Kings Landscapes, to find out what you need to know when designing, constructing and maintaining an interior plantscape featuring advanced trees.

Chay King is a highly qualified and experienced arborist whose Gold Coast-based family business, Kings’ Landscapes, transplants and sells mature ex-ground trees across Australia.… Continue reading

Spider lifts – knuckling down, or up, to the job

This spider lift can be manoeuvred over obstacles, such as this staircase, to enable plant technicians to access hard-to-reach plants (Images: Tropical Plant Rentals)

By Gabrielle Stannus

Some indoor plant technicians need much more than a dusting cloth, watering can and a pair of secateurs to complete their maintenance rounds. For Interior Plantscape Association member Mitchell Reid, Managing Director of Tropical Plant Rentals, constructing and maintaining green walls is a routine part of his job, requiring a variety of mechanised equipment including the aptly named spider lift.Continue reading