Advancing the use of trees indoors

By Gabrielle Stannus

Thinking about planting a tree indoors? I spoke with Chay King, Director of Kings Landscapes, to find out what you need to know when designing, constructing and maintaining an interior plantscape featuring advanced trees.

Chay King is a highly qualified and experienced arborist whose Gold Coast-based family business, Kings’ Landscapes, transplants and sells mature ex-ground trees across Australia.… Continue reading

Spider lifts – knuckling down, or up, to the job

By Gabrielle Stannus

Some indoor plant technicians need much more than a dusting cloth, watering can and a pair of secateurs to complete their maintenance rounds. For Interior Plantscape Association member Mitchell Reid, Managing Director of Tropical Plant Rentals, constructing and maintaining green walls is a routine part of his job, requiring a variety of mechanised equipment including the aptly named spider lift.Continue reading