The state of urban forestry management in local government areas

Greener Spaces Better Places has been busy launching and showcasing research on the state of urban forestry management in Australia’s urban local government area’s (LGAs): what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next.… Continue reading

The influence of Agtech – from our food supply chain to our forests

By Dan Austin

There is no denying that the horticultural landscape has changed in Australia and across the world, as technology advances faster than anyone could have imagined.

Whether it is a drone hovering above a broad acre farm using infrared imaging to assess the health of the crop, a revolving laser tower acting as a scarecrow, or the irrigator using sophisticated probes and software to determine soil moisture and calculate appropriate watering scheduling, agtech has revolutionised the way we grow plants from propagation to harvest.… Continue reading

New ways to control pests

By Denis Crawford

It’s been a while (May 2019) since I wrote about the biochemical arms race being waged between plants and insects, and how some insects co-opt certain plant chemicals for their own purposes. Recent research has uncovered some particularly intriguing adaptations.Continue reading

Essential oil – a rapidly growing market

By Clive Larkman

The essential oil market is huge and growing rapidly, with an expected value of $US10 billion by 2025.  Some reports are even predicting that it could be in excess of $US20 billion by 2027. This increase has its roots in a range of reasons, one of which is COVID-19, but overall, the whole sector is expanding.Continue reading

Pretty in pink

Label: Brachychiton ‘Griffith Pink’

ACRA Registration 268 (October 1986)

Family: Malvaceae

Origin: Brachychiton ‘Griffith Pink’ is a hybrid between B. discolor and B. populneus. It is thought that this cultivar originated in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. The actual place of origin of this cultivar is obscure, as checking with herbaria in Queensland and NSW revealed a collection at Condong, NSW (near Tweed River) on alluvial flats.… Continue reading

Wax flower puts on a show

Label: Chamelaucium uncinatum ‘University’

ACRA Registration 143 (November 1982)

Family: Myrtaceae

Origin: Chamelaucium uncinatum ‘University’ is a form of Chamelaucium uncinatum originally selected from plants growing at the University of Western Australia by the late Oliver J Dowell. It has been grown commonly in cultivation since the early 1960’s.… Continue reading

Designing resilient plant communities

By John Fitzsimmons

Plant communities or mixed plantings, whatever you call them, are incredibly popular right now. It’s exciting seeing the work being done to show the public just what’s possible – evocative, romantic, instead of the block plantings or module-based plantings often used.Continue reading

Do you really know your mulches from your composts?

By Michael Casey

We use mulch and compost products all the time, from applying them to our finished landscapes and gardens, through to large scale urban farms and agricultural settings. However, do we really know what it is we are mixing into, or adding to our soils? And if this is the case, do we know the difference between and a mulch and a compost, and more importantly the benefits and considerations for both options?

Continue reading “Do you really know your mulches from your composts?”