Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Nursery Papers

Nursery Papers: Accessing Levy-Funded Research

According to the Hort Innovation Nursery Fund Annual Report, in 2020/2021 there was $2.8 million invested into research and development with a further $727,000 invested into marketing. This investment was made across 26 different active investments.

Due to the continued growth of the industry, $3.19 million in levies collected in 2020/21 will be allocated to achieving industry’s strategic priorities outlined in the most recent Nursery
Strategic Investment Plan 2022-26.

Though the delivery of this research is critical for the continued growth and success of the industry, it is equally important that it makes its way into the hands of growers and other key stakeholders and that they know where and how they can access the findings to increase practice-change on-farm and help grow a more profitable and productive industry.

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