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Solutions for problems in your business

By John Corban

Many businesses share similar problems so I thought I would share solutions to problems that I have shared over the last twelve months.

Problem: I need more profit, what can I do?

Solution: Understand where your business is at financially first, plan to remove any unnecessary costs, then create a six-month profit forecast until June 30. Then start driving sales each month.

Problem: How do I increase sales?

Solution: Don’t let these challenging times stop your growth and profit. Instead, plan to win more of the work you want. That could mean improving your connection with every potential client so you can build trust and show how your team can provide what they need and want. Explore where leads are coming from, and expand and strengthen your lead source (referrals, Instagram, Google ads, suppliers etc.). Set a monthly sales target and work to it.

Problem: I know I need to market my business more, but what can I do? I don’t have time.

Solution: The mistake some business owners make is they only actively market their business when work slows down. This is a reactive approach that only has minimal success because consistent marketing has an accumulative effect and must be done regularly. Some simple strategies to include are:

  • Update your website with professional images and reels
  • Regularly post quality images and reels on social media such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Book professional photography shoots
  • Build on your alliances and relationships with supportive associations
  • Send out regular newsletters
  • Utilise street or vehicle signage that advertises your brand
  • Offering educational information to your client base
  • Choose a couple of tasks, initially, and do them regularly until you can increase the tasks
  • Consider outsourcing your marketing

Problem: I have advertised for a key employee several times, and am repeatedly unsuccessful

We all know finding a key employee can be challenging, but repeatedly talking about how hard or impossible it is to find a potential employee will not make it any easier. In fact, it will probably work against you. Instead, plan how you could find a strong employee. Create a compelling advertisement, think of all the places you could advertise (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Membership sites, suppliers, trade magazines etc). Make a list of all the people you could ask that may know of a potential employee. Put the word out there! Consider engaging subcontractors to design, build or maintain projects. Improve your Instagram and website with quality images, so more potential key employees may notice your site and start following it. Lastly, plan, take action, and don’t lose hope.

Problem: I am not getting some important tasks done, what can I do?

Solution: I used to procrastinate starting an important task. I would do all the easy and urgent tasks first and leave the hard task until later, but later often meant days later. After reading about the effectiveness of doing the hard tasks first years ago, I started some mornings each week by spending just 15-30 mins on the important task, and found it made it so much easier to come back to that task later in the day.

These are just a few of the many problems I am asked about by business owners every month. I think the important thing to note is, if you have a troubling problem and you can’t seem to solve it, then ask someone to help. Taking action to solve it, will help minimise the level of stress you feel, while the solution is being developed.

Have a great month!

John Corban
Business Coach for Landscapers, Horticulturists and Nursery owners
Mob: 0433 27 1980

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