Reflections on the current challenges of saving threatened flora

By Daniella Pasqualini

The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan (ABGMA) is home to some impressive facilities including the recently relocated National Herbarium of NSW and the PlantBank, our state-of the art seed storage facility. Behind these special buildings lies a humbler but just as important set of structures, the nursery, where horticulture meets science.Continue reading

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A global collection of Gondwanan flora in Tasmania

By Dr Tonia Cochran

The Inala Jurassic Garden is a privately-owned botanic garden located on South Bruny Island, south-eastern Tasmania. Its relatively remote location, on an ‘island off an island off an island’, is rather a fitting place for a garden which features living plant families whose ancestors thrived on the ancient Gondwana supercontinent before it split to form today’s southern land masses – quite the Jurassic Park, with its plant equivalent of dinosaurs that are still with us today.Continue reading

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Introducing the Tasmanian Flora Entry Zone

By Chris Lang

The Tasmanian Native Section and adjacent areas have undergone substantial change in accordance with long held plans to redevelop Tasmanian flora displays through the northern region of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. A significant landscaping effort, which commenced during September 2020, has resulted in the establishment of the Tasmanian Flora Entry Zone.Continue reading

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Preventing plant pandemics

By Dr Brett Summerell

Plants, like us, are constantly challenged by a rapidly evolving array of disease-causing organisms that are spread around the world with increasing speed and frequency. Newly arrived pathogens can have devastating impacts on naïve plant species and can even dictate what plants can be grown, where plants can be grown and even if visitors can be allowed into an area.Continue reading

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