Wild meadow – spectacular diversity

By Kayte Wilkie

Meadows create a floral frenzy as well as a pollinator’s heaven.

Being immersed in tall flowers, colour and scent is one of my favourite childhood memories. Within the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, we have created a garden that is a little wilder than other formal areas.… Continue reading

World class conservatory for the nation’s capital

By Peter Byron

The Ian Potter National Conservatory (Conservatory) is the first major development from the Australian National Botanic Gardens’ (ANBG) 20-year Master Plan, announced by the Australian Government in June 2015. The Conservatory will be a national and international showcase of some of Australia’s most beautiful and unusual tropical native flora.Continue reading

Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens showcases the life of ferns

By Dale Arvidsson –

Long before today’s online world created an insatiable desire for exotic and unusual indoor plants, pteridomania, a Victorian craze between the 1840s and 1890s, saw the desire to collect ferns in Britain and its colonies. Glass houses, conservatories and ‘stumparies’, naturalistic displays of felled trees and exposed roots often shrouded by hardy ferns, allowed the wealthy insatiable collectors to display ferns collected from around the globe.Continue reading

A year like no other

By Greg Bourke

For us at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah, 2020 commenced with our first day of no active fire in a fortnight. Not a bad way to welcome the new year! With over 90% of our natural areas burnt and over 500 specimens in the living collection fire-affected, we knew we’d be in for a challenging year but of course, that was just the beginning.Continue reading

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens – from then to now

By Michael Elgey –

When discussing the history of Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, one can’t overlook the contributing factors that lead to the Gardens’ formation and this is where our journey begins.

In 1835, British colonisation of the Rockhampton region commenced to support local graziers and by 1861 the Rockhampton Municipal Council had formed.… Continue reading