Early Learning Centre shines

Committed to promoting women in medical research and science, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research discovered one of the key barriers to the ongoing career advancement of women in this professional field, was access to adequate childcare. To assist in the removal of this hurdle, the Professor Lynn Corcoran Early Learning Centre in Parkville, Victoria was opened in June 2018.… Continue reading

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Adaptability of landscapes – A conference with a macro view Part I

By John Fitzsimmons –

Since 1989 The Australian Landscape Conference has sought to inspire, provoke thought and discussion, and take the art and practise of landscaping to amazing places, wherever or whatever they may be. Through a pandemic and a change of ownership, the biennial-ish event recently re-emerged in Melbourne, generating a positive response in-person and online from upwards of 700 participants around the world, and presentations from Japan, Sweden, the UK and USA and, of course, Australia.Continue reading

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