What’s Growing On?

Charlie Albone Champions Greener Spaces Better Places

We have some exciting news! Greener Spaces Better Places is now expanding to bring citizens into the fold. We’ve been working hard to get governments and businesses on the urban greening journey and what we’ve found is that more and more it’s about the humble backyard.… Continue reading

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Soil recycling: How rethinking your (over)burden can pay off

By Gabrielle Stannus

As Victoria moves to a circular economy and its landfill levies increase, one business in that state has learnt that doing more with existing soils on site, makes better sense environmentally and financially. Their recycling story will make you rethink how you reuse existing soils on site in your landscaping projects.Continue reading

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Experiments with Tillandsia plants in extreme urban habitats

By Lloyd Godman

As the honeymoon period of vertical gardens ends, a critical question asks, How can plants be integrated into architecture in a sustainable manner?

Tillandsia SWARM is an ongoing ecological art project where Tillandsias (air plants) are mounted on a range of extreme urban sites, left to their own biological devices to survive, and monitored over time.… Continue reading

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Celebration of an iconic tree

By Daniel Fuller

Eucalypts have dominated the Australian landscape for millions of years, and so it is with good reason that on the 23rd of March we celebrated National Eucalypt Day in Australia. To further celebrate this iconic tree, I interviewed four guests representing Eucalypt Australia on my podcast, with a separate episode covering a different topic each week throughout March.… Continue reading

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Understanding botany is useful in plant propagation

By Clive Larkman

Most of my articles have focused on different varieties of edible and household herbs, and occasionally on industry events or happenings. However, I haven’t touched on the actual botany of the plants I’ve written about, when in fact this is an area of great interest to me, particularly how plants evolved and why they grow where they do.Continue reading

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The new year of 2022 has brought many changes with it, the least of which is a change of leadership at Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA). Hort Journal would like to welcome GIA’s new Chief Executive Officer Joanna Cave. Joanna comes to the role with a wealth of experience as a CEO of a variety of peak bodies, membership organisations and not-for-profit associations, both in the United Kingdom and in Australia.Continue reading

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