Monday, March 4, 2024

Career in bloom

TAFE NSW Moss Vale has helped a Southern Highlands woman realise her dream of working in horticulture – and to follow in the footsteps of her mother.

Maddie-Rose Watson, 22, has had a fascination with plants since she was a young child, tottering around the family’s Moss Vale yard as her horticulturist mother tendered to the garden.… Continue reading

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Greener Spaces Better Places Update

What’s Growing on?


Welcome to this month’s Greener Spaces Better Places program update. Read on to find out the latest news and highlights to keep you up to date on what’s happening and how you can benefit.

Greener Spaces Better Places designed an urban forest communications toolkit in collaboration with Living Melbourne stakeholders and partners.… Continue reading

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Business File

How to run your business and thrive in these times

By John Corban

We cannot control external occurrences, like the economy or the weather, but we can control our response to what happens. We have experienced an extended boom in the Landscape Industry, so what we might be experiencing now is business as usual, (in other words the boom has subsided).Continue reading

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Pacific Sky™ Lomandra (Image: Ozbreed)
Plant Palette

Pacific Sky™ Lomandra confertifolia ‘LM700’ PBR

Combining the hardiness of Lomandra, the uniqueness of sky-inky-blue stems and beautiful blue-velvet weeping foliage, this plant is not just a visual spectacle but also a resilient and useful addition to your garden, landscape, or nursery.

Pacific Sky™ Lomandra’s striking appearance creates an immediate sense of intrigue, transforming landscapes into an artistic canvas.… Continue reading

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Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra (Image: Ozbreed)
Plant Palette

Low-growing marvels: compact plants with high impact

Could the two best low-growing Lomandra of all time be Evergreen Baby™ and Pacific Sky™? These low-growing Lomandra are a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and resilience. Evergreen Baby™ captivates with its year-round green allure, while Pacific Sky™ fascinates with its unique weeping blue foliage.… Continue reading

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The extensive grounds of Pymble Ladies College

Educational effort

By Lynne Testoni

A busy school with extensive grounds provides an award-winning maintenance team with many challenges, but even more rewards.

School grounds are a challenge for landscapers. Balancing education and hardiness, maintenance teams need to look after spaces that face demanding conditions and busy, energetic clients.… Continue reading

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Free pollination by feral bees may decline (Image supplied by Denis Crawford)
Pest and Diseases

Flies as pollinators

By Denis Crawford

With European honeybee populations under pressure from varroa mite it is time to take another look at alternative pollinators.

The need for pollinators that are complementary to, or an alternative to, European honeybees has never been more critical.… Continue reading

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Conservation and ecosystem management students share many common units with horticulture students (Image: Dan Austin)

Options for upskilling and getting qualified

By Dan Austin

It might come as a surprise if you’ve been out of the education system for some time but gaining a formal qualification in horticulture is easier than it’s ever been.

While no mandatory training is required to work as a horticulturist, formal qualifications make you all the more appealing to employers.… Continue reading

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Six more Pathways in amenity horticulture

By Daniel Fuller

Over the last two issues I have written about ten different pathways you can follow in amenity horticulture. However, there are a lot more pathways you can take. Here are a few more for you to consider when planning your career in this beautiful industry of ours.Continue reading

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Support younger industry members by nominating them for exchange programs or as support teams at conferences (Image: Karen Smith)

Employers need to upskill

By Patrick Regnault

There is a demand and a necessity to upskill your employees – it helps retain them and offers them a path forward in their career and in the industry. The benefits are many and well understood. Unless the employer is short-sighted, employers and managers should encourage and organise training programs for their employees.Continue reading

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Mitch at Eyles Nursery performing crop monitoring (Image taken by Emma De Landre of GIA)

Biosecurity – an issue for us all

By Clive Larkman

The world is a very different place from what it was one hundred or even fifty years ago. Fashion, technology, health and travel are some of the obvious sectors with immense change but there are less apparent ones that have major effects on our way of life.Continue reading

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The Tiny Forest in August 2023 (Image: Wollongong Botanic Gardens)
Botanic Gardens

Small but mighty – Tiny Forests

By Felicity Skoberne

Urban greening through planting trees in public spaces can often be challenging and draw a wide range of responses from the community. Wollongong City Council recently refreshed their urban greening approaches by engaging with the community to construct rapid growth forests.Continue reading

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Editors editorial

Restoring our land

Collecting stories this month exposed the very technical area of landscaping and rehabilitating degraded and contaminated industrial sites. The range of problems is immense when you consider that industrial sites may vary from a paved warehouse, disused power station or an oil terminal to a huge mine site covering thousands of hectares.… Continue reading

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Colour achieved through plant diversity (Image: Michael Casey)
Green Infrastucture

Dense and diverse urban planting – popular or misunderstood?

By Michael Casey

Is the adoption of dense and diverse urban planting on the rise, or is it simply misunderstood?

Urban density and growth is on the rise, and currently the increased numbers are on an upward trajectory and is happening faster than we have ever experienced in human history, with an additional two billion people expected in urban areas by 2050.… Continue reading

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Lots of interaction with exhibitors
Industry Event

Inaugural expo in Sydney a great success

By Karen Smith

The Landscape Association recently hosted its inaugural TLA Landscape Expo in Ryde in New South Wales and was held at TAFE NSW, Ryde Campus. Attendance exceeded expectations with over 800 people enjoying the large, trade-focused event.

Landscape professionals across the full spectrum of the industry – maintenance, construction, and design, enjoyed the 50 trade exhibits, product demonstrations and speaker program, as well as the buzz of catching up with industry colleagues and friends.… Continue reading

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Anigozanthos ‘Masquerade’ (Image supplied by Angus Stewart)

Cultivating an appetite for native plants

By Gabrielle Stannus

How to select native cultivars for use in a suburban garden in Sunbury, Melbourne, close to an environmentally sensitive landscape? I spoke with ‘fellow’ Tasmanian and well-known plant breeder, Angus Stewart, for his advice.

Entering a client’s front garden recently, I may have been forgiven for thinking that I had arrived in South Africa.… Continue reading

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Sunflowers performed well at Deprat Gardens for some metals (Image: University of Newcastle)

Plants to the rescue – cleaning up contaminated sites

By Karen Smith

Delprat Garden, a phytoremediation garden overlooking the site that was once Newcastle’s steel works, was awarded a gold accolade in the architectural design category at the 2023 Australia Good Design Awards and is providing a model for large scale restoration of degraded industrial sites.Continue reading

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A winged fire ant queen preparing to fly to her mate and begin a new colony. Photo by Johnny N. Dell, BugwoodWiki
Nursery Papers

Nursery Papers – Watch out for red imported fire ands

Summary: The red imported fire ant eradication program has been tackling Queensland’s fire ant infestation since 2001, but recent reports show infestation areas have grown from 40,000 hectares to more than 750,000 hectares over the past 22 years.

Of Australia’s invasive ant species, fire ants pose the most serious threat to our biosecurity status because they move and colonise quickly, and have significant environmental, social and economic impacts.… Continue reading

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Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia ‘SAB01’ PBR
Plant Palette

Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia ‘SAB01’ PBR: Resilience meets beauty

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Australia’s native flora with the Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia spinescens, a low-growing, compact shrub with fine blue foliage.

Found throughout mainland Australia, Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia has adapted to both inland and coastal situations, demonstrating its versatility.… Continue reading

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Blue Horizon™ Eremophila glabra ‘EREM1’ PBR
Plant Palette

Unleashing the magic of nature with Blue Horizon™ Eremophila glabra ‘EREM1’ PBR

Presenting the marvel of Blue Horizon™ Eremophila glabra prostrate, a game-changer in the world of gardening and landscaping. This plant isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a hardy, adaptable ground cover that transforms ordinary landscapes into extraordinary vistas.

Blue Horizon™ Eremophila, with its denser ground cover form and fewer gaps, offers a lush carpet of blue-grey foliage that adds a touch of serene beauty to gardens.… Continue reading

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