Potting mixes not just for pots

By John Fitzsimmons

By now, most of us are familiar with the key performance criteria of potting mixes but it doesn’t hurt to refresh our knowledge periodically, particularly with the growth in specialist lines available to industry and for resale. It’s also worthwhile to consider the expanding list of applications; potting mixes are not necessarily just for pots any more.Continue reading

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Indoor plant collections a growing business

By Karen Smith

The interest in indoor plants is still strong with many consumers not settling to buy only one indoor plant. They are keen to get their hands on a whole collection, so it’s a jungle out there!

A recent report, from the Global Garden Retail Conference 2022 by John Stanley, found that since the pandemic began, people have spent more time in the home and  their focus has been on home and garden improvements.… Continue reading

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NUrsery Papers – Learn more about your business with industry data

Background & Methodology: This is the fifth industry statistics survey and to ensure consistency and to enable longitudinal data trends to be gleaned from the study, the questions and methodology has remained largely the same over this period.

Consistent with past projects, the majority of questions have been answered via Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews, but responses have also been received via email and an online platform.… Continue reading

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Propagation, so much more than putting a seed in a pot

By Dan Austin

In simple terms, propagation is the multiplication of plants, but just like the vocation of horticulture itself, the subject offers a field of lifelong learning and a range of niche opportunities.

To be a good propagator, a person not only needs to develop a knowledge base of plant physiology and science, but also to hone a range of physical techniques used in the art of plant multiplication.… Continue reading

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