Nursery Papers November 2021, Accelerating uptake and removing barriers to green roofs in Australia

Background: Rapidly growing urban populations, increasingly hot cities and the need for green space and access to nature are key reasons for integrating more green infrastructure into cities. Green roofs provide environmental benefits and greener developments can enhance human well-being and productivity, and increase the rental and resale value of properties compared to traditional grey infrastructure.Continue reading

Re-vegetation or ecological restoration

By Patrick Regnault

As we become more environmentally conscious, individuals or communities in rural or regional areas may wish to re-vegetate part of their land to improve the local biodiversity. To be of full benefit the planting has to serve the local fauna, be a future seed bank for the local flora, and increase soil health.Continue reading

Aphids are here to stay

Cabbage aphid parasite enters the colony bottom right

By Denis Crawford

Aphids thrive in warm, moist conditions so they are often the first insect pests that we notice in spring. Most of the aphids that cause problems in Australia are introduced from elsewhere and it’s likely they are here to stay.Continue reading

Bush tucker grows up

Viola flowers make beautiful garnishes. Seen here: Viola hederacea (Image: Yerrabingin)

By Gabrielle Stannus

A recent conversation with Christian Hampson from Yerrabingin got me thinking about the challenges and opportunities associated with growing edible species, including bush tucker, in inner-city buildings.

Christian Hampson, a Woiwurrung and Maneroo man, is co-founder of Yerrabingin, a design practice interweaving collaborative design thinking and indigenous knowledge.… Continue reading

HJA Newsbuds

Special horti week

For four days, December 7-11, Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria (NGIV) and Australia’s top breeders and growers, will present the 2021 Australian Horticultural Trials Week. This event is an opportunity to discover new lines, visit some of Australia’s finest propagators and growers, and enjoy networking with industry colleagues from Australia and overseas.… Continue reading

Galangal – hard to say easy to eat

galangal Root

By Clive Larkman

As a botanist with a passion for correct plant nomenclature and growing the right plant, the difference between regular garden plants and the edible/medicinal sectors is huge. Although the nursery industry isn’t known for accuracy in naming and growing correctly identified plants, it does try to get it right.… Continue reading

Sustainability commitment drives future product design and manufacture

Keter Trends

Keter, manufacturers of resin-based home and garden consumer products, set out its future sustainability-led approach towards product design.

  1. Better Products for Better Places – A stated ambition to deliver affordable, innovative lifestyle solutions with recycled content and recyclable designs. Keter is already ahead of its 2025 schedule with zero production of single-use plastic consumer products and on track with achieving 55% of recycled content in total production (with 40% already achieved).
Continue reading