Recycling-truck drivers enjoy recycled gardens 

By Bruce Thompson

Encountering raised garden beds where corn, tomatoes, beans, lettuce and parsley are growing, isn’t something you expect to see when you’re offloading your truck full of recycling bin items at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), and yet this is the experience of truck drivers who visit Mackay Regional Council’s facility.Continue reading

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Nursery Papers: Fostering innovation within production nurseries

BACKGROUND: The greenlife industry, like other horticultural and agricultural industries has been on a steady path of modernisation, automation and digitalisation over the last decade.

Technology has the power to transform a nursery production business. Automated potting machines, mixers and conveyors have greatly increased productivity whilst advances in irrigation and Integrated
Pest Management have improved the profitability in production nurseries.… Continue reading

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Emerging marketing trends in horticulture

By John Corban

The landscape industry has benefited from increased enquiries since the pandemic started. However, we should never expect enquiries to remain strong without a proactive approach to our marketing. So, to assist you, I have highlighted some marketing trends that emerged during the pandemic and will remain strong this year and next. Continue reading

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Turf as a living fire break

By Sandra Godwin

The bushland surrounding its coastal communities is one of the major attractions of the Noosa area on Queensland’s popular Sunshine Coast. However, after being evacuated with 7000 others as a wall of flames bore down on Peregian Beach in spring 2019, The Retreat operators Dan and Nora Gleeson vowed to take action to better protect the resort against future bushfires.Continue reading

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Is there a career pathway in horticulture for me?

By Daniel Fuller

Some people garden in their spare time to unwind from their stressful occupation, but a horticulturist is fortunate to be paid to work with plants in their job. Whether you’re after an entry-level position or are looking to move ahead from your current role, the Australian horticultural  and landscape industries are ripe with different opportunities.Continue reading

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Reflections on the current challenges of saving threatened flora

By Daniella Pasqualini

The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan (ABGMA) is home to some impressive facilities including the recently relocated National Herbarium of NSW and the PlantBank, our state-of the art seed storage facility. Behind these special buildings lies a humbler but just as important set of structures, the nursery, where horticulture meets science.Continue reading

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