The butterfly effect:

By Denis Crawford –

Recent media reports demonstrate how seemingly minor changes can have profound unforeseen effects down the track. A bit like the butterfly effect in chaos theory.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on chaos theory in general, or the butterfly effect in particular, but the way I understand it, the idea centres on how “small, nearly imperceptible changes can have massive implications in complex systems”.… Continue reading

The urban environment and its inherent stress factors

Acacia pendula

Successful tree growth in urban environments is reliant on more than just species selection. It is about planting the right tree in the right location to achieve successful landscape outcomes.

In an increasingly challenging urban landscape, planning and infrastructure must support the tree taxa selections to ensure they have the adequate resources and suitable growing conditions in order to survive and thrive, and provide the aesthetic and environmental services expected of them (Diamond Head Consulting Ltd.,… Continue reading

Be alive with colour!

City of Sydney’s ‘Living Colour’ streetscapes

At the time of writing most of us are still living under the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, positive messages are getting through. Many are hoping and planning for an improving trend heading to year’s end. It’s therefore also understandable that such positivity is reflected in lightness, brightness and colour.Continue reading