(Mary Mary quite contrary…) How do your fruit trees grow?

By John Fitzsimmons

Depending on your age and experience, the ways you perceive how fruit is grown could be extremely different. Today’s commercial orchards are radically different spaces to nostalgic visions of broad canopies of vase-pruned trees, modest fruit yields and long-term expectations, yet there are many contemporary commercial trends that could be applied to advantage in modern landscapes involving edibles, even in small spaces.Continue reading

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Young horticulturist awarded for positive promotion of industry

By Patrick Regnault

The Australian Institute of Horticulture “Student of the Year 2021” was awarded to Lucy McClymont in recognition of her studies and efforts in raising awareness of the importance of horticulture in today’s world.

Lucy, originally from Orange and now living and working in Lismore in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, is 34 years old and a true plant person.… Continue reading

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Designing the ideal urban green environment for healthy humans

Article supplied by Turfbreed

An international study of parks and gardens has found they play an important role in the health of both people and the environment, and it’s all related to what’s under the ground – a huge range of microbes that perform valuable functions such as filtering pollutants and maintaining soil fertility and plant health.Continue reading

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Indoor colour pops at the 2021 Australian Horticultural Trials

By Gabrielle Stannus

Indoor colour was in abundance during the 2021 Australian Horticultural Trials Week, in both floral and foliage varieties. These new indoor plants from Ball Australia, Haars Nursery, JD Propagation and Majestic Young Plants should attract great interest from professional interior plantscapers as well as millennial ‘Plant Parents’.Continue reading

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Nursery Papers: Accessing Levy-Funded Research

According to the Hort Innovation Nursery Fund Annual Report, in 2020/2021 there was $2.8 million invested into research and development with a further $727,000 invested into marketing. This investment was made across 26 different active investments.

Due to the continued growth of the industry, $3.19 million in levies collected in 2020/21 will be allocated to achieving industry’s strategic priorities outlined in the most recent Nursery
Strategic Investment Plan 2022-26.… Continue reading

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