Selection of advanced trees requires forward-thinking

By Karen Smith

Selecting advanced trees for a landscape design requires forward-thinking for an outcome that is a win-win situation for both growers and landscape architects, but most importantly, the client or end user.

Like any design, whether it be landscape, building or fashion, designers aim for a design that is unique and by putting their own stamp on the project, sets them apart from others.… Continue reading

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Vertical farms get smarter

By Karen Smith

In 2008, Dickson Despommier, then a Professor of Public Health at Columbia University, in collaboration wrote an article describing the concept of the vertical farm. His view of the vertical farm grafted together everything available from greenhouse technology to NASA biosphere control systems, into a high-rise construction that is a functional part of the urban system itself.Continue reading

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Nursery Papers (September 2021): Nursery tree stock inspection and verification producedure

BACKGROUND: Growers of good quality nursery tree stock recognise the importance of each step in the production process and how each step influences and impacts physiological structure, plant health and establishment. The NIASA Nursery Tree Stock Specification outlines the relevant criteria for nursery tree stock production.Continue reading

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Advancing the use of trees indoors

By Gabrielle Stannus

Thinking about planting a tree indoors? I spoke with Chay King, Director of Kings Landscapes, to find out what you need to know when designing, constructing and maintaining an interior plantscape featuring advanced trees.

Chay King is a highly qualified and experienced arborist whose Gold Coast-based family business, Kings’ Landscapes, transplants and sells mature ex-ground trees across Australia.… Continue reading

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